Top 5 Foods to Taste in Israel

One of the best ways to experience a new destination is by eating the local food, and in Israel you’ll find plenty of culinary opportunities along your visit! Since Jewish people have come from all over the world to Israel, there’s a lot of diversity. We also love lots of food that originates from the Arab or the Turkish cuisine, and have added it our special Israeli touch.

But which food types should you definately try while in Israel? We’ve written them down for you:


Falafel is one of the most popular street foods in Israel, so you’ll find plenty of falafel shops almost everywhere you go. This delicious vegeterian food is a deep-fried ball of ground chickpeas or fava beans. Different herbs and spices are added to the mixture and you get a yummy and fluffy ball! The falafel originates from the Egyptians, but today it is an unseperatable part of the Israeli food culture. Make sure to eat it in a pita filled with all the possible toppings – vegetables, pickles, tachini and much more!

Learn how to order the falafel with this cute video by Birthright Israel Alumni Community:


Another vegeterian dish that is definately worth a try is Sabich. It’s an Israeli sandwich based on a traditional dish from the Iraqi Jewish kitchen. Traditionally, this dish was made for Shabbat, but today you can see people eating it all week round! This delicious pita sandwich is filled with a rainbow of tastes – fried eggplant, hard boiled eggs, vegetable salad, hummus, amba, parsley and tachini.

Learn how to make it with this nice video by


If you love meat, you should try out the famous street food of Shawarma. The original and most authentic shawarma is made from lamb meat, which is chopped to slices, stacked on one another and put on a slowly rotating vertical metal scewer. It gets roasted like this for hours. Every time someone wants a shawarma, part of the meat is shaved off the scewer, put into a pita or a laffa and stuffed with more yummy ingredients, like salad and tachini. That’s shawarma. Today you can also find shawarma made from chicken and other types of meat. It orginates from Middle Eastern countries, such as Egypt.

Learn how Kosher Shawarma is made by watching this video by How2Kosher:


Let’s get back to vegetarian food in Israel. Shakshuka is a beautiful mix of eggs, pepper and tomatoes in a frying pan. This yummy dish originates from North Africa, but is today one of the main dishes in a typical Israeli breakfast or dinner.

Watch how to make Israeli Shakshuka with this video by


And let’s finish with desert! One of the most common and well-known deserts in Israel is the malabi, which is a milk and cream pudding topped with culinary rose water and  chopped pistachios or coconut . The desert originates from the Arab cuisine.

Check out how malabi is made by watching this video by Jewlish by Jamie:

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Article was written on November 2019 by Lior from Backpack Israel.


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