Top 5 Reasons to Visit Israel this December

Vacationing this December? Try ISRAEL – the place where it all began. Israel will offer you a mix of enchanting places, wonderful celebrations and cool weather. Here are our top 5 reasons why you should visit ISRAEL this December:

Experience HANUKKAH:

Hannukah, also known as The Festival of Lights, is a Jewish holiday which takes place on the 25th day of the Hebrew month of Kislev. This year, the 25th day of Kislev falls on 22 December. The festival, which lasts eight nights and days, commemorates the rededication of the Second Jewish Temple in Jerusalem by the Maccabeans.

During Hannukah, the Jewish people light a candelabrum with nine branches, which is called a hannukkiah. On the first night of Hannukah one candle is lit. On each day, an additional candle is added to the hannukiah, until there are 9 candles. The ninth candle is used on every day of Hannukah to light the others and is usually placed above or below the other candles. This special candles is called the Shamash.

When you come to Israel in December, enjoy the Hannukah vibes. Watch children play with the driedel, and eat oil-based foods which are typical to Hannukah, like latkes and suganiyot. Latkes are yummy potato pancakes and sufganiyot are sweet jelly doughnuts. When Hannukah begins, make sure to walk along the streets and try spotting hannukiahs on the houses’ windowsills. You will find many hannukiahs lit along the alleys of Jerusalem’s Old City and the beautiful neighborhood of Nachlaot.

Hannukiah in Hannukah

Celebrate CHRISTMAS:

Continue the festivities with Christmas, which takes place on 25 December. Israel is one of the top destinations to celebrate Christmas, as it is where it all began. Jesus was born in the city of Bethlehem, and later spent his childhood in the city of Nazareth. He was crucified and resurrected in Jerusalem, and later ascended to the Heavens from the top of Mount of Olives.

Enjoy the beautiful Christmas decorations which enlighten mainly the cities of Jerusalem, Nazareth, Haifa and Bethlehem. If you are Christian, you can take part in many Christmas prayer services which take place mainly in Jerusalem, Nazareth and Bethlehem.

Christmas in Israel


One of the greatest events of December in Israel is the Holiday of Holidays, which takes place in the city of Haifa this year between 19-28 December. Haifa is known as a city of religious and cultural diversity, where Jewish, Christians and Muslims live side by side peacefully. The Holiday of Holidays celebrates the holidays of the three religions – Hannukah, Christmas and Ramadan. Since the Ramadan is celebrated according to the Islamic calendar, it doesn’t always fall on December. This year only Hannukah and Christmas are celebrated on December, but still, this doesn’t damage the huge celebration.

Take part in the celebrations that happen in Wadi Nisnas neighborhood and the foot of the beautiful Bahai Gardens. Walk around fun street celebrations, enjoy the beautiful decorations, wander through the arts and crafts fair and taste from the many food stands throughout the festival’s area.

The celebrations takes place at the foot of the Bahai Gardens
The celebrations takes place at the foot of the Bahai Gardens


Bedouins were nomads and some continue to live a nomadic lifestyle in the Israeli desert. Experience the amazing Bedouin hospitality, which is also very culturally engaging. The indigenous tribes date back to hundreds of years. They open their hearts and homes and way of life to the general public. You can ride camels, enjoy a traditional Bedouin meal, taste their wonderful coffee and herbs tea and even experience overnight stays in traditional tents.

Bedouins in the Israeli desert
Pic by Israplan


The Tel Aviv markets are the place to experience cool market vibes and excellent street food, as well as explore the Israeli local products. Stroll through the markets to shop for fresh food ingredients, wonderful spices, mouthwatering food and… Yes, there are also souvenirs.

Carmel Market is the most famous market and is colorful in spirit and food. Here you can definately find some great street food to taste, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables from Israel. Another cool market to explore is the Flea Market at Old Jaffa. There, you will find plenty of authentic antiques from all over Israel. Bargain and take them home.

To experience the most out of the markets, we recommend taking a tour with a local chef through the different stores and stands.

Market in Israel

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