5 Reasons to Hire a Private Tour Guide in Israel

A lot of people travel to Israel as part of an organized group tour. But if you’re not fond of walking around in a large group and barely seeing the tour guide, there’s another way. Try hiring a private tour guide in Israel. This solution is perfect for those who want some personal guidance throughout your trip (or at least part of it).

Here are 5 reasons why you should hire a private tour guide in Israel:

1 – They have studied two years to get their certificate

Private tour guides in Israel have to complete a two-year course in order to get their certificate. The course includes lectures in the classroom as well as weekly tours all around Israel. They study about the history of the Land of Israel from its very beginning, learn about the different cultures, the three main monotheistic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – and even attend some lessons about the country’s geology. That’s why you can be sure that whoever guides you is well educated and very knowledgeable. You can be sure that they are more knowledgeable and up-to-date than most websites on the internet.

Many of the private tour guides can guide all around Israel, but some choose to specialize in a specific area or theme. If you want a private tour guide for your entire trip, you will easily find one. If you prefer someone who specializes in the Old City of Jerusalem or in archeology, that’s also something you can find quite easily.

2 – They will save you time

Instead of going lost in the streets and losing your way on the roads, the private guide will show you the way and save you precious time. That’s how you’ll be able to see more sites in less time.

3 – They are local people

The private guides who work in Israel usually live in Israel, which means they are local people. You have a rare opportunity to walk around with a local and ask him or her anything you have in mind about the everyday life. Wondering about the Jewish traditions? Not sure about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Want to understand how people live with no public transportation on Shabbat? Feel free to ask your guide all those questions.

4 – They will point out things you would never notice alone

When you’re wandering alone and don’t have any guide with you, you might miss some really extraordinary details. A private guide will point out things which you would never notice alone, such as a beautiful carving which has an interesting story behind it, a fragment of ancient pavement or the oldest trees on Mount of Olives. They can also take you to some lesser known sites and observation points, which will surely enhance your experience.  

5 – They can recommend some great places to eat

If we’ll get back to our third point, the Israeli tour guides are locals. This means they have their favorite restaurants, which they can recommend you. If you’re on a tour that includes lunch, they might even accompany you to their favorite place in the destination and recommend some local dishes. It’s always good to eat with a local!

So, how should you choose the perfect private tour guide for you?

When choosing a private tour guide in Israel, you first have to make sure that the tour guide you are hiring is a licensed tour guide. If he or she do not mention it, you can request to see their certificate.

Next, ask yourselves if you want a walking tour or a tour that involves driving. In Israel, a tour guide must have a special driving license and car if they wish to drive tourists, so if you would like to travel somewhere far and drive between sites, you might want a tour guide who holds this special license.  If you would like a simple walking tour in one of the main cities, you don’t have to worry about the guide’s driving license.

Then, you need to read more about the tour guide and understand what types of tours does he or she provide. If you want them to be experts in some topic, like archeology or geology, you can check about it as well. Choose the guide which seems most suitable and interesting in your view, and just have a good time!

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