Top Things to Do in Israel This February

February is here! If you’ve booked your tickets and are the way to Israel this February, here are some of the most recommended things to do while you are there:

Visit one of Israel’s great museums:

Israel is full of great museums to visit while you’re here. Since February is still winter here in Israel, and the weather might get stormy at times, it’s great to have some indoor activities in plan. Here are some museums that we trully recommend visiting:

  • The Hebrew Music Museum in Jerusalem – This small museum is very unique, since it focuses on the music that accompanied the Jewish people throughout history and over the entire world. When entering, you will get a tablet guide, which enables you to hear the instruments as you walk around the museum. We love it! More info about the Music Museum can be found here.

Here’s a video by Kikar Hamusica:

  • Israel Museum in Jerusalem – This is the biggest cultural institution in Israel. If it isn’t raining (and even if it is), we recommend taking a look at the huge and fantastic Model of Jerusalem in the Time of the Second Temple. Then you can enter the museum and visit the impressive archeological section, which includes hundreds of rcheological findings from all around Israel. If you prefer art, you can check out the Israeli art exhibition as well, but maybe you would prefer going to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. More info about the Israel Museum can be found here.
  • Dialogue in the Dark Museum in Holon – Also known as the”Blind Museum”, this museum is perfect for you if you have teenagers and you want to teach them about people with disabilities. On the 75-minutes tour you will be led by a blind person through a completely dark museum and will have the chance to experience how it is like to live as a blind person. It is necessary to book tickets in advance and places get booked fast, so make sure to book your ticket a long time before you arrive.

Enjoy some wine in the Golan Heights:

February is a great time to drive up to the Golan Heights, the most northeastern part of Israel. After the rains we had last month, the different waterfalls of the Golan Heights are roaring in a very beautiful manner. While you’re visiting this beautiful region, we would also recommend you to visit one of the Golan’s great wineries and taste the local wines produced here.

Want to visit a winery in the Golan Heights? Write to us at and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Go see the red anemones of South-Western Israel:

February is the season of the red anemones bloom in southwestern Israel. If you LOVE flowers, we definately recommend making your way to the western Negev region. You can walk around the forests and see those beautiful flowers almost everywhere! Local tip – if you don’t like crowds, try avoiding the area on the Israeli weekend (Friday-Saturday), because there will be a LOT of people there on the weekends.

And here’s a nice video by Ynet from last year’s festival:

Start hiking the Israel National Trail from south to north:

If you LOVE hiking, then Israel is full of great hiking trails, which are clearly marked on the maps and in the field itself (with colorful markers on the stones along the way). One of the most popular and amazing hiking trails in Israel is the Israel National Trail, and now is the season to start hiking it from south to north.

The Israel National Trail extends to a length of about 1,000 kilometers from the southern city of Eilat to the northern settlement of Dan. It passes through amazing landscapes and interesting landmarks, and is very popular among Israelis who have just finished the army and want to take a break before beginning real life. The trail usually takes about 2 months to complete, but if you don’t have that much time you can always hike just part of it.

So why not start from north to south? Because in February we are still in the Israeli winter and it’s a great time to start in the south, in the desert, before it gets too hot. Just make sure to keep your eyes on the weather forecast and not hike when there are flood hazards.

For more info about the Israel National Trail, you can check out this website, and you can contact us through

Here’s a great video by Lukasz Supergan:

Take part in the Red Sea Jazz Festival in Eilat:

Last, but not least, is the Red Jazz Festival in Eilat. This is one of the leading music festivals in Israel, and it attracts many visitors to the city in February. There’s also a Red Sea Jazz Festival in the summer, but this winter edition is also great, with much milder weather and beautiful music from all around the world. Check out about this year’s festival in the official website of Red Sea Jazz Festival.

The festival is named after the Red Sea, which is the amazing sea that Eilat lies right next to. The sea’s temperature is more or less the same throughout the entire year, around 25 degrees Celcius, so if you’re already around, why not do some snorkeling? Yes, there’s a beautiful coral reef in Eilat, too, and it’s the northernmost coral reef in the world, so it’s worth a look. Just make sure to have a towel ready when you get out of the water, because it might be cold outside!

Here’s a video by Bluesy Soul:

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