Hire a Guide in Israel

Israel is a beautiful and fascinating country, full of diversity, stories, natural wonders, and ancient history. You can explore it on your own, but with a private local guide, you can get much more out of your experience! You can hire a guide for a few hours or you can hire a guide for your entire trip, whatever works for you.

Why hire a guide in Israel? 

☑ You’ll get tons of knowledge. Local guides in Israel need to pass a long tour guide course, which teaches them all about the country – its geography, its history, its botanics and wildlife, and much more. They are super knowledgeable and are happy to share their knowledge with you!

☑ You’ll save time.  Instead of walking around clueless in the streets of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, or any other city, the local guide will show you the right direction and will save you tons of time!

☑ You’ll be able to ask questions. Nowadays, there’s a lot of information on Wikipedia and other websites. But these sites cannot always answer questions that arise during the trip. Your local guide will always listen to your questions and try to offer the best possible answers. You can ask your guide about local life in Israel, about politics, about religion, and anything else that comes to your mind.

☑ You’ll get better prices. Many places in Israel offer a discounted price for travelers who come as part of a guided tour. Not all sites offer that discount, but maybe you’ll get to visit some of those that do.

☑ You’ll notice things you would never have noticed. The private guide knows where are all the interesting stuff and will point them out for you. Otherwise, it’s very hard to notice the small and fascinating details on your own.

We’ll find the best guide for you!

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